Customise the User Display on Your MFP - Norfolk Copiers

Why not give your office device a personal touch? Olivetti and Develop now offers you a variety of customisation options for the user interface, operating display and outward appearance of your ineo multifunctional office device.

In multiple user offices you can customise the user interface of your device to suit each user’s needs – and that will save a lot of time routine office tasks such as printing, scanning or copying. Functions that are rarely needed can be removed from the operating panel so each user can focus on their particular frequently used features, functions and display-activated workflows. And you can even have the screen design adapted to display a cost-effective standardised user interface that simplifies operation while maximising the user experience.
Customisation lets you play a Flash video on the display when the device is idle, feature a corporate logo or message, or offer users helpful assistance. You can even go for an advert or custom screensaver that can be directly uploaded to the system’s hard disk to avoid unnecessary network traffic.