Kyocera Awards for TASKalfa devices - Norfolk Copiers
The printing industry has once again recognised the role of Kyocera Document Solutions as a sector leader, with Buyers Lab (BLI) judging five multi-functional printing devices as “Reliable” and “Highly Recommended.”
The devices in question pertain to the TASKalfa range of printers which were tested in Buyers Lab’s US test lab. Buyers Lab’s daily test usage is designed to replicate real-world use over an eight-hour workday, and includes a mix of various-size documents, simplex and duplex modes, and a mix of short, moderate and long run lengths, as well as on/off cycles, throughout the day.
The products passed with flying colours, proving to be “highly reliable” and “a strong choice overall”. All five multi-functional printers scored 10 out of 10 in terms of reliability and 9 out of 10 in terms of security. The results demonstrate the reliability of the products in a number of aspects that ensure that products from across the brand’s range are able to stand the test of time and still produce high-quality results, while ensuring optimal security.